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Atlantic Technology Systems is a wholly owned member of the Cerberus Sentinel family of companies.

Managed Security Services envelops many key components needed to properly secure your computing environment. We’ve made it easy and affordable to implement these critical components with SAFETiNET™ Managed Security Services. These services are designed to proactively secure your network infrastructure through rigorous security reviews, penetration testing, intrusion prevention controls, 24/7 monitoring, patch management, auditing and reporting. Combine these managed security services with our world-class network infrastructure and you have the most secure and compliant network solution available.

Patch management has become a necessary component of all security and compliance objectives. without patch management the computers on your internal network become a haven for hackers, viruses, spyware, malware and other security vulnerabilities!

Hardware and software can enhance the security of your network but it’s our team of CISSP certified security specialists that make sure your network infrastructure is a secure place to conduct business. This allows you and your staff to focus on other business issues with the peace of mind in knowing your systems are secure.

Our certified security specialists utilizing proven methodologies and industry best practices are also here to help you make informed decisions about your net work infrastructure as your business grows.

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Atlantic Technology Systems, Inc. is a wholly owned member of the Cerberus Sentinel family of companies.